Network ID Password Requirements

Account pass phrases (“Long Passwords”) are an important aspect of protecting CNM’s information and systems and networks from a security perspective because they provide a first line of defense against an attack by a hacker.

Selection of a strong phrases provides protection for the user and the system accounts.  This is a portion of the ITUP policy here for your convenience, to read the complete ITUP Policy click on the link at the bottom right hand of this page.:

CNM supports strong passwords and account protections by requiring the following:

  • Length: 8 to 30 characters

  • Can: Contain letters, numbers special characters, spaces, mixed case

  • Cannot: Be a repeat of the current or last pass phrases or contain username or your name
  • Must: Contain at least one letter, contain at least one number, contain at least one capital letter
  • Change: Change the pass phrase every 125 days and whenever a compromise is suspected.

  • Protection: Users are required to protect their pass phrases at all times.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't share or tell anyone your pass phrase

  • Don't send your paraphrase via e-mail in response to any request, no matter how official that request appears

  • Don't respond to a request to go to a link to provide your pass phrase

  • Don't store your pass phrase on your computer (if Windows prompts you to “Save Password” don't do it

  • Do be very careful when entering your pass phrase with somebody else in the room

  • Do change your pass phrase if you suspect that someone knows it

  • Do be aware of “social engineers” (someone trying to trick you into giving them your pass phrase)

Guidelines and help on selecting passwords
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