Banner-9 FAQs

Information for Banner-8 users as we make the transition to Banner 9.

On November 3, 2018, CNM transitioned from Banner 8 to Banner 9

Get started by adding the Banner Production Site Icon to your computer.

  1. What is Banner 9? Banner 9 is a college-wide initiative to upgrade our Banner environment from Banner 8 to Banner 9. Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and improved functionality across all areas where Banner is used. It will also allow us to run Banner on any browser.
  1. Why are we upgrading to Banner 9? Ellucian, the vendor that the district licenses Banner from will be terminating all support for Banner 8 forms as of December 31, 2018.
  1. What is changing with Banner 9? There is no need to learn a new application. The forms that you use and functionality are mostly the same. The only thing that changes is different navigation and a fresh user interface.
  1. What are Banner 9 Admin Pages? Admin pages are replacing the Banner forms being used by staff to perform back office operations.
  2. What is Application Navigator? Application Navigator facilitates seamless navigation between Banner 9.x forms, Banner 9.x pages, Banner 9.x Self-Service, and Banner 8.x Self-Service applications, allowing them to behave like a single application. Application Navigator includes a unified menu, unified search, and uses a common authentication mechanism to provide an integrated user experience. Users can navigate between the Banner modules using a single interface.
  1. How do I log into Banner 9? For Admin Pages you will need your employee email username (AD) and password – (without the
  2. Is there a shortcut I can use to access Banner 9? Yes, follow this link for instructions on how to install the Banner 9 production icon on your desktop. 
  3. Can I still access Banner 8 forms? No.  As of 05/28/2019 Banner 8 Forms are no longer available.
  4. Will I need to upgrade to Java 8? Banner 9 forms do not require the use of Java.
  5. Can I still use Quickflow? Yes, however Banner 8 Quickflows are no longer available.  It is encouraged for users to switch to Banner 9 forms and Quickflow.
  1. What browsers does Banner 9 support? You should be able to use any browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and even Safari.
  2. Can I open more than one session of Banner 9? Yes. You can have multiple session open by login through multiple tabs or even different browsers.
  1. Can I access all the forms in Application Navigator that I currently have permission to access? Yes. You should have exactly the same permission as you had under Banner 8.
  1. Where can I go to get more training? You can obtain additional training from the CNM Talent Management (search for Banner) or talk to your manager.
  1. How do I get support if I experience problems? User should consult with Tier One support first and foremost. Tier One support is your local designated team comprised of your supervisor, IT Lead, Business Analyst and Banner 9 testers who have been working on the Banner 9 project since initiation. Tier one should be able to resolve most problems. In the event Tier One are unable to resolve the issue, they will consult with Ellucian Support or reach out to Tier Two which involves completing a Service Desk ticket

 Check back for more questions and answers.

Get started by adding the Banner Production Site Icon to your computer.

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