Resetting Your CNM Network Password

Faculty, staff and students can reset their CNM network password using the self-service portal available through myCNM.
  1. Select the “Forgot Password?” link from the MyCNM login page.


  2. Enter your CNM username and select “Next.” If you have forgotten your username, select "Click here if this is not your name” link.


  3. Verify your identity by entering your nine-digit CNM ID number and your six-digit date of birth. Select “Next."


  4. Choose a new password. Passwords must be at least eight characters in length and contain one uppercase letter and one number. You may not select a password previously-used password. Select “Next.”


  5. If the password change is successful you will receive a confirmation screen.


  6. If you are presented with an error stating your password does not comply with CNM’s password policies, ensure your selected password is at least eight characters in length, contains one more uppercase letters and one or more numbers and is not a password you have used previously.


  7. If you are presented with an error stating your password entries do not match, correct the entries and try again.