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Computer Lab Imaging Schedule

Fall 2015 ITS Computer Lab Imaging Schedule

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Contact the ITS Service Desk at or  (505) 224-4357.

Computer Lab Imaging Schedule for Fall 2015 Term Available

ITS will soon be preparing the CNM computer classrooms and labs for the upcoming Summer 2015 term. 

ITS staff would like to encourage all CNM faculty and lab staff to review the schedule below and provide feedback if there are issues or concerns by contacting the ITS Service Desk at, or calling (505) 224-4357.

Note: As always, any changes or updates to instructional software must be discussed with, or requested by, the appropriate Academic Chair or Associate Dean for that program, and communicated to the lab supervisor responsible for the various computer labs and classrooms. The lab supervisors will then ensure that the changes and updates are accurately reflected on the Image Management Test Plans (IMTPs) for the specific computer labs/classrooms.

July 20 - 24:

  • Review of computer classroom/lab schedules for Fall 2015 term.
  • Need documentation of academic software changes & updates for all computer classrooms/labs (Updated image management test plans due by July 24 COB).
  • Build/deploy Fall 2015 “test image” signs up on test systems in computer labs/classrooms.

July 27 - 31:

  • Preparation of Fall 2015 test image is complete - “Ready for testing” signs placed on select test systems in computer labs/classrooms.
  • Test machine to be complete by ITS July 31.

August 3 - 7:

  • Academic Chair, faculty and lab supervisors/staff begin review of Fall 2015 test image on selected test systems and go through IMTPs to ensure all software is in place and functional.
  • Feedback corrections to ITS for Fall 2015 test images due August 7.

August 10 - 14:

  • Academic Chair, faculty and lab supervisors/staff conclude review of test image and instructional software.
  • Corrections made to test image – retest instructional software as necessary. Completed by August 14.

August 17:

  • System images for Fall 2015 are “frozen” - Post signs: “Official Fall 2015 image for Room: __________”

August 17 - 28:

  • ITS begins final deployment of system images in ALL computer labs/classrooms – image deployments to continue through August 28.

August 28:

  • Deployment of final images complete.