Translation Services

The Translation Services unit, which operates under the Marketing & Communications Office (MCO), works with CNM departments and schools to deliver professionally translated materials that help the college better communicate and provide equal access for Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals.

Contact Us

Manola J. Colter
Translation Services Manager
(505) 224-4000 ext. 53949

Rodney A. Ulibarrí
Spanish Language Translator
(505) 224-4000 ext. 50466

Translation Services translates materials to facilitate clear communication that better serves CNM stakeholders, including students, prospective students, employees and community members who are LEP.

In order to better communicate with non-English speaking persons, the Translation Services unit relies upon bilingual staff members (Spanish and English) who are highly experienced in translation services, and a pool of certified and highly qualified contracted translators who translate CNM information and materials into Spanish and other languages as needed. In order to meet the College’s needs, translations are prioritized depending on the needs of the College and executed with appropriate timelines that serve the needs of clients.

Why You Should Use Our Services

  • Our translations are done by professionals: we are trained and certified.
  • We follow the code of ethics, such as: 
    • Quality
    • Confidentiality
    • Impartiality
    • Cultural awareness
  • We provide consistency and uniformity: terminology usage will be the same across all channels of College communications.
  • Avoid liability issues or complaints: we provide ethical and consistent translations.
  • Quality control is executed and assured through the process.
  • We will ease your workload.
  • We have allocated funding to provide this service.

Please do not use Machine Translation (known as MT)  because there are proven deficiencies in accuracy and quality.

How to Submit a Translation Services Request

In order to provide excellent translation services with the highest quality and promptness, CNM employees need to submit requests using the
Contact MCO form. Please follow these guidelines for your submissions:

  • Submit your document in an editable format, i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Publisher (not PDF). 
  • Please submit only final documents. In order to use our resources efficiently, our office does not translate drafts. Final documents are as follows:
    • The use of acronyms is minimized. Spell out the full name in the first mention with the acronym in parentheses; the acronym can then be used for subsequent mentions.
    • Don't use “text boxes.” Text boxes limit the space available for translated phrases, which often require more words than English.
    • The information has been previously edited for clarity and thoroughly proofread for syntax, grammar and punctuation.
  • Upload your Word document with your request. This is the final step of the request-for-services form.

Read our Dos and Don'ts for more guidelines.

Submitting Updated Documents

  • Submit a new request for any update of a document:
    • Highlight the updates/new changes in yellow color throughout your new English document.
    • Send your English document with the updates along with the original translation previously returned to you or to your department.

After You Submit a Request

  • You will receive an automated reply acknowledging receipt of your request.
  • Our office will proceed with the translation by either translating the document in-house for Spanish materials or by outsourcing it to contracted translators (for Spanish or for other languages).
  • After the translation is ready, it will go through a quality control phase.
  • Our office might contact you from
    • if we have any questions,
    • if we need to clarify any concept, or
    • if the turnaround takes longer than the typical 3–5 business days.
  • Use the email if you need to contact us about your translation.
  • You will receive an email with your final translation.

Examples of Materials that our office CAN translate:

  • Standard college information
  • CNM forms
  • CNM handbooks, manuals, brochures
  • Student support materials, such as letters, announcements, flyers, program information, etc.
  • Instructional materials for bilingual programs
  • Employee resources, such as letters, benefit information, policies, reports, etc.
  • Marketing and communications materials, such as advertising copy, brochures, outreach materials, press releases, etc.

The list above is not all inclusive. Additional materials can be added based on the College’s needs.

Materials that our office CANNOT translate:

  • Copyrighted material
  • Material created and written by external authors or individuals who are not CNM staff or faculty members
  • Any material that is not owned by CNM, or doesn’t have rights to use
  • Specific instructional material (please contact our office for details)
  • Poetry, song lyrics, and other original works
  • Content that is not relevant or meaningful to the education of students or strategic efforts of the College, or is not in alignment with CNM’s vision, mission and values