BIT Welcomes Back Faculty and Staff with Barbecue

September 11, 2013 -- The School of Business & Information Technology did its part to build community at CNM with a barbecue to welcome faculty and staff to the fall term. “It was a great event to welcome back faculty and staff for the fall term and a great way to introduce our new faculty to others within BIT,” said Donna Diller, the school’s dean.

Jul 17, 2015

The event was held on Aug. 22 in the patio area of Smith Brasher Hall.

 Diller said the barbecue was coordinated by the school’s new Community Engagement Team. 

copy_of_DSC00027.JPG“Their goal is to create collaborative events both internally and externally that foster engagement and support organizational excellence and community success,” Diller said.  “And of course the food was delicious.”