Employees Honored at Excellence Award Luncheon

July 26, 2013 -- Twenty-two CNM employees were honored at the July 19 Employee Excellence Award Luncheon. They were honored for outstanding work they performed.

Jul 17, 2015

The employees were nominated by their supervisors. Each received a certificate, pen and CNM mug.

The luncheon was organized by the Office of Enrollment Management.

The following is a list of the honorees and what their nominators said about them:

  • Alice Trabaudo. As a caring teacher who is sensitive to student needs, Alice Trabaudo went beyond the call of duty last year to develop a series of classes for those SAGE students who have little hope of passing through SAGE classes.  She cleverly developed a curriculum that aligned with the needs of these students which included basic help in math, reading, and writing. In addition, she brought in practical workplace skills to help these students become contributing members in the workforce. Alice's efforts directly supported the goal of student success by "ensuring that learning and support promotes student persistence in achievement of education and training goals". 
  •  Andrea Gurrola. Earlier this year we tragically and suddenly lost the Associate Director of Enrollment Services, Dave Twomey. Andrea Gurrola immediately worked to keep the department running smoothly. Losing someone who was not only so well liked but so integral to the running of our department was difficult. Andrea’s efforts allowed our department to go forward without interruption. This was not only good for the staff but good for the students as everything we do directly effects the student experience here at CNM.
  • Cecilia Renteria and Lisa Marie Dorian
    Cecilia Renteria and
    Lisa Marie Dorian

    Cecilia Renteria. The former director for the Employee Training Department vacated his position in September 2012, and a new director wasn't in place until February 2013.  During this time, Cecilia Renteria managed the department and assumed all of the duties and responsibilities required to manage all mandatory training for the college. She worked in partnership with the HR department to ensure new employees were invited to all the appropriate trainings, conducted all troubleshooting related to mandatory training and monitored and reported completions. More than just managing these responsibilities, she took initiative in providing training for the new director and continues to provide exceptional customer service for all employees who need support in navigating the registration systems.
  • Charles Fatta & Charles Montoya. The Respiratory Therapy program is embracing technology and moving into the electronic age.  Charles Fatta and Charles Montoya are working closely with software developers at FISDAP (Field Internship Student Data Acquisition Project) to adapt clinical tracking software used by over 750 Emergency Medical Services programs for use in a Respiratory Therapy program.  Respiratory Therapy students began piloting this software beginning in Summer 2013. Additionally, they are pioneering the development of a sleep study program. Only six accredited sleep study programs exist in the country, and we are hoping that CNM becomes number seven. Use of FISDAP Skills Tracker documents student learning, reports achievement and growth, and aids program accreditation and self-study. If the pilot is successful, CNM would be the first community college in the country to demonstrate the use of this software for healthcare disciplines outside of EMS. 
  • Hidalgo, Fatta, Montoya, Lundgren, Mason
    Theresa Hidalgo, Charles Fatta, Charles Montoya,
    Louanne Lundgren, Tamra Mason

    Connie Fields. Without fail, Connie is always kind, considerate, and warm towards students and staff.  Her cheery attitude is dependable 100 percent of the time. Her many years of service to CNM gives her a level of competence and knowledge that often puts her in the position of the "go to" person for questions and problem solving. Every time I have sought her assistance with a student issue, she has been open and helpful, and never loses patience with me for my many requests.
  • Denise Ojeda. Ms. Ojeda is focused on the success of her AT students.  She actively sought out an opportunity to work with other CNM school's instructors to implement a very innovative idea of combining basic skills instruction within her Applied Technology courses. Some students who desired a career as an electrician were kept out of their classes due to Accuplacer scores which were not at the required level. So, Ms. Ojeda brought that instruction directly into her classroom along with those students who now had a chance at the career they desired. Additionally, she has been asked to help other community colleges throughout New Mexico institute a successful IBEST teaching model.
  • Diana Sanchez. Being one of the most veteran members of HWPS at only a year, Diana continues to support the department as a major team player. She works closely with the Associate Deans and Program Directors with the scheduling process and textbook ordering.  Diana is knowledgeable in processes and utilizes her skills and resources to support the Dean, instructors and other admin staff.
  • Diane Evans-Prior. Diane and the Nursing faculty have done an amazing job as the first pilot nursing program in the state to adopt the new New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) curriculum. CNM is working closely with UNM to ensure a seamless transition for our students to pursue a BSN. The CNM Nursing program is proud to be a leader in this initiative.
  • Dee Bluehorse. As an advisor she is very informative about the classes and if at a rare moment she doesn't know something she will do her very best to find out right away. She always double checks everything. She is very encouraging in her students education. She likes to see her students succeed in their careers. All the workshops and opportunities that she lets us know about always get us motivated to stay in school and keep working toward our careers.
  • Elaine Sanchez. Working with people is Elaine’s strength. It is very obvious that people enjoy working with her as well because she is responsive to requests and has a positive attitude and a cheerful personality. She creates harmonious working relationships with her co-workers and is providing outstanding customer support to BIT and CNM. With Elaine’s superior customer service skills, she was asked by BIT Instructor, Marilyn Konnick, to present training on telephone etiquette at the BIT front desk as part of a CNM course. She presented how to answer a multi-line phone, transferring calls, friendliness when answering, and answering questions from the caller. The students found her training informative and helpful and the instructor said she is an outstanding representative of our school.
  • Excellence Awards 2013
    The Employee Excellence Award recipients pose for a picture at the awards luncheon.

  • Eric Casias. Eric has played an enormous role in the development of the online course catalog, working many, many hours to help make the catalog extensively cross-linked, accurate and clearly worded document. He has also worked very constructively with various academic units to help them achieve their web presentation goals. Eric has done an outstanding job in every aspect of his responsibilities as Web Content Administrator for the college. Eric Casias has been an exceptional contributor to the Marketing & Communication Office in all its initiatives.
  • James McGowan. Since taking on the role of clinical coordinator in the Radiologic Technology program, the relationships of this program with our clinical partners have greatly improved. James influenced several curriculum changes that allow our students to have greater "hands-on" time to master the skills of becoming an entry-level Radiological Technologist. In April 2013, James accompanied a group of six CNM students to the New Mexico Society of Radiological Technologists Symposium in Las Cruces. Our students competed in a "Rad Tech Bowl" against several other Rad Tech programs in New Mexico and surrounding states. We are proud to report that our students far surpassed the competition with their knowledge, skills, and professionalism -- the skills of becoming an entry-level Radiological Technologist.
  • Nichole Rogers
    Nichole Rogers

    Nichole Rogers. Nichole Rogers and her staff developed support for our students attending off campus clinical experiences. This office provides students and faculty with support for external compliance requirements to include clinical, internship, externship, and practicum experiences. The staff ensures that students and faculty are compliant with all clinical requirements, while providing customer service that exceeds expectations.  The development of this office has provided an efficient centralized process to ensure our students meet the requirements of our external partners.
  • Ray Smith. The HLTH 1001 course provides students with a competition card for BBP, HIPAA, Fire Safety. Students need these cards upon competition of the two week short course to ensure compliance with CNM/HWPS clinical agreements. When it was discovered that cards needed to be ordered for the summer term (after a restructuring of staff & faculty in HLTH 1001) they were needed in less than two days. It is my understanding the setup of the copier at DPC to complete this job can take up to an hour to ensure the templates are aligned appropriately. Ray, knowing the student need, was able to have the first batch of cards ready by the following morning. To provide such service during a high demand time for his department was exceptional.
  • Rene Adams. Rene is an outstanding teacher in the Respiratory Therapy program. She would stay and make certain a student doesn't need any more assistance before she considers her job done for the day. She is even willing to meet students on her own time. That is going above and beyond the parameters of her position as a teacher. I believe she supports the strategic direction because CNM had a large graduating class this spring and teachers like Rene Adams helped to get CNM this amount of graduates. She does everything she can to make sure CNM has as many graduates as possible from the Respiratory Therapy Program in keeping with the status of education excellence CNM is known for.
  • Rhonda Ross. Rhonda is an exceptional colleague and valued member of the Job Connection Services (JCS) team. Since she joined the staff, she has continuously raised the bar of excellence. Some notable achievements are:  Garnered over 50 donated gifts from the community for the Job Connection Services Open House; Created Job Blasts to promote/advertise quality employment opportunities to students and graduates utilizing the Simplicity web-based program; Created sum books to enable employer to search for qualified CNM job applicants. This facilitated and expedited the hiring process for employers throughout the CNM community. Continuous representation of CNM and JCS in community functions, including Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, Hispano Chamber of Commerce, promoting professional relationships and generating interest in posting vacant positions.
  • Sal Duran. During the Art Department’s move to the new location at Main, a box containing all of the Life Drawing I and II courses handouts and lectures was misplaced. These handouts came from 60 different resources. Sal Duran went out of his way on numerous occasions to duplicate and organize many of the replacement handouts for my classes, serving the needs of faculty and students often on a last minute basis. His willingness to help in a time of great need, made the class and students educational experience an incredible success.
  • Costales, Sanchez, Seagraves, Diller
    Debbie Costales, Elaine Sanchez, Stacey Seagraves,
    Donna Diller

    Stacey Seagraves. Stacey is always willing to assist other areas of CNM outside of BIT.  She is an expert in Banner and Master Schedule. Because of that expertise she was asked to provide assistance with training a new administrative support staff in HWPS in the master schedule process. Because of Stacey's outstanding work ethic, she is highly respected by her supervisor, dean, associate deans, staff, and faculty. Her integrity and excellence is what makes her a leader in CNM.
  • Stephanie Martinez. Stephanie Martinez has many teaching skills from working in other schools before CNM. She brings those skills with her into my classroom. The last five weeks of the term, Stephanie wrote a table with the course chapters on the right side of the blackboard and listed student names -- which students were in what chapter. She grouped students who had fallen behind or were absent and worked with them to move these students forward to the content where the rest of the class was learning.
  • William Collier. Bill is an exceptional tutor, contacting and working with students whenever they need. Many students have told me he is responsible for their sticking with math. He isn't just a tutor; he really cares about the students and it shows. Bill's support of students and faculty fosters student success. Math still keeps many students from succeeding in their programs and graduating. By helping students understand and succeed in math he is  directly supporting their success. By helping faculty use working technology and get access to computer labs, he helps us to provide a richer educational experience, again leading to student success and persistence.
  • Orion Osborn. Orion Osborn created an Argos report for CNM Workforce Training Center that will enable us to easily run Revenue and Expense reports within minutes. WTC has needed this report for a decade and Orion finally made it happen. His efforts are saving us immense time and potential error in tracking fiscal activity for various reports, statements, projects and meetings. Orion continued to improve the WTC Argos report by taking initiative to assure that numbers were designed as positive/revenue and negative/expense values which is another huge time-saver. He also worked with ITS to ensure that assigned staff had access, icons and step-by-step guidance on how to run the report.