Financial Aid & Scholarships Services Develop Innovative Way to Help Students

May 7, 2014 -- In November 2013 Financial Aid & Scholarships Services team members got together to discuss a better way to reach out to CNM students who had signed up for the Fall 2013 term and withdrew from all of their classes their first term. The mission was two-fold:

Jul 17, 2015

1. Contact these students and provide them with additional resources so that they would be successful.

2. Gather critical data to review and discuss why students were withdrawing from the institution and to help with future retention and graduation rates.

After much discussion, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Services team members decided that the best way to reach these students was partnering the CNM Connect Center and CNM Contact Center. 

Financial Aid & Scholarships Services identified previous students who had signed up for six or more credits and dropped them during the fall 2013 term. These students were then flagged and sent and e-mail encouraging them to meet with a CNM Connect achievement coach.  In addition, the CNM Contact Center followed up by calling all these students to ensure that they had received the e-mails and understood the process. 

Data is currently being gathered and updated into a report developed by Associate Director Rosenda Minella for a final review at the end of the 2013-14 academic year.

“There appears to be an improvement in retention as students are remaining in classes” Minella said. “However, we will need to wait until grades are posted for the final outcome.”