Web Hosting for Students

The server is only for web development for CNM courses and course work.  Those students who are provided access to web site for development will receive instructions and granted access through the course instructor. CNM does not provide support for students to create personal websites.

This server requires the use of any web authoring software that supports web publishing via SSH, such as Adobe's Dreamweaver. The web server has support for:

  • PHP Web Scripting Language
  • PERL Web Scripting Language
  • PYTHON Web Scripting Language

Setting Up Your Account on

To have your web account generated on, you must be in a class which requires the use of Once ITS notifies you through email that your access has been enabled, you should access the server via the Secure Shell software (also called SSH). SSH is pre-installed on all computers on CNM's campuses. You must download SSH if you are working from home and don't already have it installed. The steps for logging in to the web server using SSH are below.

  1. Launch SSH and click on the "Quick Connect" button. Enter the following information at the prompt.

    Host Name:
    User Name: Enter Your myCNM user name

  2. When prompted for a password, use the password you use to enter my CNM . Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to your home directory.
  3. Type "ls" (without the quotes) to view your folders. You should see one called "public_html". This is the folder where you will need to upload your html files. If you do not see this folder, contact the ITS Service Desk.
  4. If you are familiar with the SSH software and unix commands you can create and upload your web site using only the SSH software. If not, type "exit" and open a WYSIWYG editor such as Dreamweaver.