Service Level Agreement for Tech Incidents

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) informs how service tickets (technical incidents and reported issues) are prioritized.

Priority Information

The objective of the ITS-ODS Priority is to better prioritize incidents, service requests, and problems at CNM. Priority is derived from the combination of Impact and Urgency and reflects the organizational response required for the incident. Below is a description of each Priority and the corresponding SLA times.


PriorityDescriptionResponse timeResolution timeGoal


An immediate and sustained effort using all available resources until resolved. On-call procedures are activated, vendor support invoked. Hierarchical escalation is invoked.

15 minutes (M-F business hours, otherwise, 30 minutes)

4 hours or less (around the clock)



Assigned staff members respond immediately, assess the current situation and may interrupt other staff working on lower level priorities and/or Service Requests to assist in timely restoration.

30 minutes

8 hours or less (around the clock)



Assigned staff members respond using standard procedures and operating within normal supervisory management of current workload.


3 business days


Low (Default)

Assigned staff members respond using standard operation procedures as time allows within current workload.

1 business day

5 business days