Phone System Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with your phone, call 224-HELP from a working phone, or submit a ticket with the ITS Service Desk.

Voice Mail

Here are a few troubleshooting FAQ's about the voice mail system:

Why is my phone going straight to voice mail?

The phone is probably set to forward calls.  This can happen when the numbers on the keypad are 'fat fingered' and you accidentally hit *200 to delete a message instead of *300 while getting your messages.  This can be quickly rectified by picking up the handset, waiting for a dial tone, and dialing #200, hanging up, waiting for a dial tone, and then dialing #300.

Why can't I call Long Distance numbers?

Because departments are charged for their long distance calls; your long distance capabilities must be approved by your supervisor, in turn they should send an e-mail to the ITS Service Desk to set up long distance.  All CNM phones that have out dialing capabilities should be able to dial 1-800 or 1-888 numbers, if you cannot do this please notify the ITS Service Desk.

How do I re-record my name?

You can change the name if you know the password to your voice mail by following these steps:  Dial 5, Dial 5,  Record desired name, Dial 1 to accept.