Efficient E-mail Use

Managing Your Mailbox:   
Spam: We have a spam filter that puts ***POSSIBLE SPAM*** in the subject line of the e-mail that is suspected. Delete spam, jokes and chain letters. Do not forward spam, jokes and chain letters. Learn how to filter spam.

Inefficient Use: Wall Paper – can be setup using Word format as the editor of your e-mail messages. This is not a good idea for a few reasons. Sometimes it makes the message hard to read when the background is in a color that is similar to the font of the reply message. Size of the message also becomes a problem because the background is a graphic which takes up a lot of space in your mailbox.

Icons: While it is certainly okay to warm up an e-mail with personal greeting and a less-than-formal style, stay away from icons. Smiley faces :-) and other emoticons are best avoided. Please do not download Hotbar.

Fight the urge to be creative: Avoid using multiple fonts, size and colors. Using different fonts, sizes, and colors will make the e-mail illegible. No HTML or rich media, either. Keep it all in plain text if you don't know what formatting is being used on the recipient's e-mail.