Information on Spam filtering

ITS does not filter e-mail for spam.  We use a product called Spamassassin to tag e-mail as POSSIBLE SPAM. Users are encouraged to utilize that tag to filter e-mail to a spam folder.  Sending the potential spam to a separate folder allows the user the opportunity to review the messages prior to deleting it if they choose to do so. Learn how to filter spam.

Spamassassin tags e-mail as possible spam based on a statistical analysis of the e-mail.  It is therefore conceivable that e-mail that is not spam can can be marked as spam.  It is the user's responsibility to look through the e-mail that they have filtered to insure that there is no valid e-mail inappropriately tagged as spam. 

The ITST group controls the global tagging settings that Spamassassin currently uses. ITS will alter the tagging settings either up or down only on the recommendation of that group. If you feel the tagging settings are marked inappropriately, please contact your representative in the ITST group to share your perspective on this issue. 

ITST members can be viewed in the Global Address Book (the GAL) by choosing the ITST distribution list, right clicking on the list, then choosing 'Properties' to view the participants of the group.