How to Access Your CNM My Documents and the K Drive from Home

CNM offers a way to access your “My Documents” and the “I:\” drive that you use when you are here at CNM.   When you are at CNM and logged into the network anything you save to “My Documents” is actually saved up on the network.   When you are logged into the network you also have the “I:\” drive when you double click on “My Computer”.   Both of these can  be accessed from home with an internet connection.   Simply log onto the internet with Internet Explorer or the web browser you use.   Go to   and you will see this screen.


Click on the appropriate button either “Faculty, Staff, Student Employee”, “Student” or "Vendor".   You will be prompted to log in. Use your normal user name and password that you use here at CNM.  (If you are an employee you may need to enter admin\username  as your username.)


After you get logged in you will see this screen.   You may be prompted by your browser to let you know you are accessing a secured area and if you wish to continue, choose yes if your browser prompts you.


You should now be seeing the contents of your “My Documents” as it looks at CNM.   To access a file you will need to click the “Get” option next to the file name.   This will download the file to your computer.   To put the file back in or to add a new file you will need to use the “File Upload” that is on the right side of the screen.   Simply click the browse button locate the file you want to upload and then click “Upload” just like doing an attachment in e-mail.   When you return to CNM that file will now be in your “My Documents”.   If you have had a folder created on the I:\ drive to place documents for the students to retrieve you can also access those from here to add or remove content.   To get to the I:\ drive look near the top of the screen right under the web address and you will see the folder list.


Click on the folder “Drive I:\” and this will take you to the contents of the I:\ drive that is used here at CNM on all the computers on campus.  

Click on the folder you need to access to open the contents or sub-folders.   This works the same as the “My Documents” to get a document click on “Get” next to the document name or use the upload section to upload a file into your folder on the I:\ drive.

Remember to log out completely from files for your security.