Graduate Career Outcomes

This section contains basic information on employment of CNM's graduates.

CNM surveys its graduates using a standard survey starting 3 months after graduation certification through an 18 month reporting cycle to capture employment information. This information is collected and reported on an academic year that comprises fall, spring, and summer terms rather than a calendar year.

The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness administers the survey and uses several contact points to ensure the most complete gathering of information.  Contact points include:

  • Email
  • U.S. mail
  • Telephone
  • Employer websites

As you can see from the previous list, there is an intense effort to reach ALL graduates for the reporting cycle. Beyond these self-reported means, OPIE staff also reach out to faculty and selected local employers to follow up on employees. Percentages are reported for all graduates who could be reached.

For more information email  or call (505) 224-3450. 

Graduate Career Outcomes for All Majors

These charts show numbers of graduates in each program and the information gathered from surveys and other means to show their destination after graduation from CNM.

Where Our Graduates Are Working

View charts showing employers who have hired CNM graduates and job titles for those graduates, plus schools where CNM graduates are continuing their education.