Arts and Entertainment

Do you enjoy being creative and expressing yourself through the arts?  If so, the Arts and Entertainment Career Cluster may be for you.   In this cluster, coursework will prepare you for careers that focus on creating, producing and distributing various artistic mediums including managing creative enterprises. 

Some of the career opportunities in this cluster are:

  • Entrepreneurship
    Become a small business owner or work as a consultant for large corporations.  
  • Visual Arts
    Work as an artist or graphic designer.
  • Performing Arts
    Career options range from theatre acting, voice work to employment as a film crew technician.
  • Foreign Languages
    Become a travel guide, work as a translator.
  • Design
    Enter the field of computer animation, become a set designer or find yourself in clothing design.

CNM offers these suggested Dual Credit courses if you’re interested in pursuing careers in Arts and Entertainment:

ANIM 1003

Techniques for Animation Text

FILM 1001

Introduction to Film & Media Workflow

CIS 1325

Visual Communication for Business Design

BA 1133

Principles of Management

CIS 1310

Introduction to Multimedia

CIS 2360

Digital Video Editing

See the CNM catalog for descriptions and prerequisites for these and many more available courses. 

For more information on the Career Clusters initiative in New Mexico, review Work in New Mexico.