Benefits Unlimited


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You can’t pass up an opportunity like this!

  • You can choose from an amazing range of CNM classes to develop skills, explore interests, stimulate your imagination, and expand your creativity.  Explore the CNM catalog and remember you can take any college-level course we offer with the exception of fitness classes.
  • Shorten the time to obtain certification in many career technical areas where jobs are plentiful, like “ green energy ” or health care .
  • Enjoy full access to all CNM Student Services including computer labs, libraries, tutoring services, academic coaches, and activity clubs.
  • Meet the new state graduation requirement to complete at least one Dual Credit, Distance Learning, Honors or Advanced Placement course for high school graduation. This requirement begins with the high school graduating class of 2013.
  • Save money and time on travel. Many classes can be taken online from a neighborhood library or from your home. Some classes are offered at high schools during and after the regular school day.  Ask your high school principal for the list of Dual Credit classes offered at your school.
  • CNM also offers a Dual Credit in the High School Program featuring classes at over 20 area schools.  Check with your principal to see if your school is hosting  Dual Credit classes during the school day.

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