Energy and Environment

Are you passionate about protecting our environment?  Do you enjoy working with machines?  Would others consider you mechanically inclined?  If so, career pathways in this cluster may interest you. Energy and Environment pathways support “green” enterprises while helping us power our homes, businesses and vehicles.    

Some of the career opportunities in this cluster are:   

  • Government Relations 
    Work for the Environmental Protection Agency; serve as an environmental compliance inspector
  • Product Engineering
    Work as an engineer designing and developing products 
  • Machining, Instrument and Electrical
    Become a machinist, electronics technician or welder
  • Process Engineering
    Find a career in chemical engineering, photonics, or aviation maintenance  
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Regulation
    Be a fire fighter, or work for the NM Oil and Gas Association
  • Maintenance Operations
    Become a plumber or air conditioning & heating technician  
  • Civil Engineering
    Design our cities infrastructure, become an electrical drafter or surveyor
  • Environmental Systems
    Work as a hazardous materials technician or geographic information systems technician

CNM offers these suggested Dual Credit courses if you’re interested in pursuing careers in Energy and the Environment:

ENGR 1010

Survey of Engineering Fields

ESH 1009

Environmental Technology

ESH 1010

Environmental Regulation and Compliance

ESH 1570

Water Quality Protection

FS 1010

Introduction to Fire Science

ELTR 2096

Photovoltaic Installation

AUTC 2096

Transportation Alternative Fuels


See the CNM catalog   for descriptions and prerequisites for these and many more available courses.

For more information on the Career Clusters initiative in New Mexico, review Work in New Mexico.