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Making Money Work

FIN 1010, A CNM Online Dual Credit Course

Any interested, qualified high school teacher, administrator or counselor can facilitate a CNM Distance Learning Financial Literacy Class. When you facilitate a Making Money Work course at your high school, you will work directly with a CNM distance learning instructor to ensure your students are successful in this college-level class.

Benefits of Making Money Work:

  • $500 compensation for all participating high school facilitators
  • Ability to apply for a $750 curriculum enhancement grant
  • No textbook required
  • No course or test prerequisites for students
  • Students will receive high school credit and college credit at CNM
  • Meets state high school graduation requirement to complete at least one Dual Credit, Distance Learning, Honors or Advanced Placement course

Contact Us

(505) 224-3352

Expectations of Facilitators

  • Attend a facilitator training session
  • Schedule class in a computer lab at the high school
  • Oversee student enrollment process
  • Enrich curriculum using instructional resources provided by CNM
  • Ensure students adhere to weekly assignment deadlines aligning with CNM's academic calendar

Participating High Schools

If your school is not on the list of participating high schools for Fall 2012, contact your principal or high school counselor.

Important Facilitator Documents

Facilitator Confidentiality Agreement

Facilitator Form