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Whether you are interested in expanding your horizons, training for a job, or getting a jump start on college, the CNM Dual Credit program has something for you. 

Use the list of approved Dual Credit courses , the course catalog and class schedule to select specific courses that meet your interests and scheduling needs.  (Remember, you must be sure to meet course prerequisites and test into classes.) 

Many courses are available after school, evenings, and weekends at one or more of CNM’s five campuses.  We are also starting a Dual Credit in the High School program, check with your principal to see if your school is planning to offer Dual Credit classes during the school day.  Distance learning classes can be taken at any time from the convenience of your home or local library.

New Mexico has 7 Career Clusters that connect high school and post-secondary coursework to relevant high-wage, high-demand careers. 

  • business services: manage the human and corporate assets of businesses effectively and efficiently

  • energy & environment: participate in the “green” revolution, supporting the delivery of products and services that power our lives and preserve our environment

  • health & biosciences: join the health occupations and biotechnologies industry that allow us to live healthy, active lives

  • general studies classes: earn credits for almost-universally required undergraduate classes in the liberal arts, sciences, and many other areas.

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