Questions and Answers

Fleet Services Common Questions and Answers

Who can drive a CNM vehicle?

CNM employees that have been approved by their department to drive, passed the defensive driving course, and background check may drive a CNM vehicle.

How long does the defense driving course take?

The defensive driving course is online and is conducted by CNM employee Training and usually takes 5-6 hours to complete. The defensive driving course must be completed every three years.

If I am teaching at different CNM campuses, can I use a CNM vehicle to drive to different campuses?

No, all CNM staff must drive their personal vehicle to work regardless of the campus they are working at. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the loss of CNM vehicle privileges.

How much advance notice can I make a vehicle reservation?

You can make a vehicle reservation up to 14 days in advance. Keep in mind that out of town travel requires a 10 business day notice.

Are there special procedures and forms if traveling out of town?

Out of town travel is any distance greater than 30 miles outside of Albuquerque. If you are returning the same day you will need to fill out one form. If you are traveling for more than one day you will have to fill out an additional form provided by your department travel coordinator. Please see the fleet services webpage for forms and additional information.

How do I purchase fuel when traveling out of town?

A fuel card will be provided when traveling long distances. All fuel Receipts must be given to Fleet Services upon return. Please make sure to put your name and vehicle number on the receipt.

Where do I drop off the keys and the vehicle if I am returning after hours or on the weekend?

The vehicle is to be parked in the motor pool parking and the keys are to be returned at the security office.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident while driving a CNM vehicle?

When involved in a vehicle accident contact APD first and then CNM Security Dispatch. In every CNM vehicle's glove compartment there is a yellow information card on what to do and contact information.

Can I stop at a restaurant drive through to get something to eat while I am driving a CNM vehicle?

No, stopping at restaurant drive through is against CNM policy.

Who do I contact if the vehicle I am driving is having mechanical issues? 

Please contact the Fleet Supervisor at (505) 553-0456 about vehicle operational issues. This number can also be found on the yellow card inside the vehicle glove compartment or on CNM's website under Fleet Services. You can also fill out the CNM Vehicle Work Order.