Vehicle & Driver Policies

While Driving a CNM Vehicle - Social Distancing and Masks

  • If possible, drive solo.
  • If solo driving is not possible, staff should not sit on the same bench; one should sit on the front bench and the other in the back bench, in a diagonal position.  
  • A face mask and face shield should be worn.

Vehicle Eligibility

The operation of CNM vehicles is governed by these policies: IS-1414 Motor Pool and IS-1416 Driver Eligibility; and CNM Employee Handbook Sections 12.09 (Use of College Vehicles) and 12.12 (College Property - Private Use Prohibited). The substance of these policies is summarized here.

Eligible Drivers

To become an eligible driver an employee must possess a current and valid New Mexico driver's license, undergo a driver's record check and complete the CNM Defensive Driving course.  No employee may drive a CNM vehicle until the Defensive Driving course and driver's record check are completed.

  • ONLY individuals who have met the CNM driver eligibility requirements are authorized to drive CNM vehicles.
  • Employees, whether required to drive a CNM vehicle as a condition of employment or who request use of CNM vehicles in the course of job duties and have met the driver eligibility requirements may be allowed to drive a CNM vehicle.
  • Student employees who have met driver eligibility requirements, and have supervisory approval may be authorized for in-town use only to drive a CNM vehicle for CNM business.

Student employees are eligible to drive CNM vehicles for in-town use purposes only.  Student employees may not drive or reserve any vehicle for CNM-sponsored trips or outings. No one under age 18 may drive any CNM vehicle.

CNM reserves the right to refuse or revoke the authorization to operate a vehicle for CNM based on a driver's record evaluation by the Employee Training department.  The director of Employee Training with the director of Fleet Services will oversee compliance with this directive.

An employee who drives for CNM business must report to their immediate supervisor the revocation or expiration of a drivers license and/or any major driving infractions that impact their driving record (including, but not limited to: driving while intoxicated or under the influence (DWI/DUI), manslaughter, reckless driving and vehicular homicide).

Authorized Passengers

  • CNM faculty and staff who hold a valid CNM identification card are authorized to travel in CNM vehicles.
  • Vendors doing business with CNM are authorized to travel in CNM vehicles.
  • Visiting dignitaries, speakers and scholars are authorized passengers.
  • The following may be approved as authorized passengers [see IS-1414 Section 5 for details]:
    • CNM student groups
    • Temporary employees
    • Individuals under contract to CNM
    • Research subjects who are unable to transport themselves
  • Children, even if accompanied by student parents, are NOT authorized passengers.

Driver Responsibilities

  • CNM vehicles must not be used for personal use.
  • Drivers are responsible for any tickets issued while driving a CNM vehicle.
  • CNM vehicles cannot be taken to personal residences for overnight parking.
  • A Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report must be completed by any driver of a CNM vehicle every time they use a CNM motor pool vehicle.


Eligible drivers are covered by the CNM insurer if involved in an accident while conducting CNM business in a CNM vehicle.

  • All accidents must be reported to Fleet Services as soon as possible.
  • The driver must follow the instructions in the Motor Pool administrative directive stored in the glove compartment of the vehicle.
  • The driver's responsibilities include contacting local authorities, obtaining witness information and completing the Vehicle Accident Report.
  • Upon returning, the driver must file an Incident Report with Security.

Vehicle Breakdowns

The Department makes every effort to assist the customer during any breakdown situation to minimize inconvenience and lost time.

Contact Fleet Services regarding vehicle breakdowns. If the employee is in-town, Fleet Services will arrange for transportation and vehicle pick up.

If the employee is out-of-town, Fleet Services will coordinate the repair or transport of the vehicle. Fleet Services can authorize emergency repairs via phone to the repairing company.

Drivers of CNM vehicles who have an emergency after normal business hours must contact Security Dispatch instead of the Fleet Services Manager. The Fleet Services is then contacted to approve repairs, alternative transportation or accommodations.

No reimbursement is made regarding repairs paid for with cash, check or personal credit card, because this is a violation of the CNM procurement process.

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