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Alternate Transportation to CNM

Whether from environmental concerns, reasons of economy or just plain personal preference, many CNM students and employees choose a transportation option other than their car.

The bicycle is a popular, economic and healthy way to get to school or work. Bike racks are located at many locations. The Security Department strongly encourages the use of anti-theft devices when parking your bike on campus. For information on Bicycling in Albuquerque visit Bike Now.

Bus service is available to all five CNM campus locations. For information on stop locations, bus schedules and fares visit ABQ Ride.

Carpooling is a great opportunity for employees to cost-share in commuting to work. You may live near another CNM employee or your neighbors may work at UNM making carpooling more convenient. Maybe you have neighbors who work at different companies located only a short distance apart and have the same work hours. Carpooling can be facilitated through computerized matching of riders with similar commute patterns and preferences at erideshare.