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Violations and Fines

Fines for parking violations on all CNM campuses.
V1 Illegal Parking in disabled parking space, blocking HD space or Van Access $250
V2 Attempt removal or removal of parking impoundment boot device $100
V3 Impoundment of vehicle by boot device $50
V4 Bypassing, attempted removal/removal control device, gate or barricade $50
V5 Expired meter $25
V6 Operating vehicle in excess of 10 mph on CNM property $25
V7 Fire lane, Fire Hydrant, Safety Hazard $20
V8 Parking outside legal parking space, double parking, blocking $20
V9 Parking on landscape area, dirt area, unpaved area $20
V10 Illegal use of CNM parking permit, counterfeit permit, transfer permit $20
V11 Parking/Blocking service vehicle spaces / designated area or obstruction $20
V12 Parking longer than time limit in a loading / unloading zone $20
V13 On campus longer than 3 days, habitation, vehicle repair/storage $20
V14 Parking in permit reserved area, reserved meter space or reserved area $20
V15 Blocking thoroughfare, obstructing traffic flow $20
V16 Parking motorcycle in locations other than designated space $20
V17 Parking more than one motorcycle in parking space (fine per vehicle) $20
V18 Not displaying valid / current state license plate or temp placard $20
V19 Tampering with or bypassing operation of parking meters $20
V20 All other non-moving violations $20
V21 Yellow Zone, Loading / Unloading Zone, Blocking Sidewalk $20
V22 Parking without current general permit $10


For questions, contact the CNM Parking Services at (505) 224-4000 ext. 51622.