The Maintenance Department provides comfortable classroom and office environments for CNM students, staff, and visitors, while also implementing sustainable energy practices that support our commitment to the environment and to student learning.

Non-Emergency Requests

Non-emergency requests can be made in writing on a standard work order (forms available through DPC), email, telephone, or online at:

Emergency Requests

Emergency requests may be called in to the Physical Plant Department (PPD) at (505) 224-4565. The PPD personnel will expedite the emergency service.

After-Hours Requests

After-Hours requests will be taken by CNM's Security Dispatch at (505) 224-3002. The service call will be processed based on the nature of the request.

For more information, please call the Physical Plant at    (505) 224-4565 or email .

This mission shall be accomplished by maintaining all:

Maintenance Department of the Physical Plant

The Maintenance Department is staffed by the Maintenance Director and various skilled maintenance personnel with expertise in areas of air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, plumbing, hardware, etc. Maintenance personnel respond to requests to repair Institute equipment of various types. Many repairs are done in-house, but sometimes specialized equipment requires special skills, and the Maintenance Department will arrange for an outside contractor to respond to the request for service.

After hours building heating, cooling and lighting systems operation:

To comply with our energy conservation policy: Buildings not in use will be set to a minimum run condition.  During the winter break most buildings heating systems will be set to minimum temperature to conserve energy. It is advised that personal plants be taken home during extreme weather conditions over a long holiday. Exterior security lighting will remain on all night. Lights to rooms not in use should be turned off.

Requests for door and alarm services:

All requests for alarm and door locks should be submitted to your Building Administrator for approval by  the Security Department.  Please note that Security will be given a key and their own alarm code unless other arrangements are made with the Security Director.

For information on work order requests, please see the Alarm and Lock Shop's web page.