Institutional Records Retention FAQs

It is the policy of Central New Mexico Community College to accommodate the timely storage, retrieval and disposition of records created, utilized and maintained by the various departments. The office is guided by CNM, state and federal policies. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our functions.


How long does CNM keep records?

The period of time that records are maintained is based on the minimum requirements set forth in the State and Federal retention schedules. Read more .

What is a confidential record?

Confidential records may include personal, administrative, medical, financial or other records and are defined as such by a variety of regulations and statutes including, at the federal level, the Privacy Act of 1974  and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  (FERPA), and by the provisions of New Mexico's Commission of Public Records. Governing regulations at CNM are contained in Section IS-2520  of The Source.

What is a "disposition"?

Most commonly signifying mechanical shredding, electronic overwriting or destruction by other means, disposition may in rare cases mean permanent storage or inclusion in the State Archives.

Are all records kept on paper?

No. Increasingly records are acquired and stored electronically. Regardless of storage media all CNM records are subject to the same protections, restrictions and requirements.

How do I get documents transferred to the Records office?

Submit the records in question to the CNM Records Office along with 4 part Storage Ticket form  (CNM-RC form sample only: forms are purchased from Duplicating & Postal Services) along with an index of the box contents. Please contact Records Retention for instructions on completion of the box index.

How do I get boxes for records?

Records boxes are purchased from CNM Shipping & Receiving at 901 Buena Vista SE. Call ext. 44615 for instructions.