Contaminated Sharps

Contaminated sharps must be discarded in closeable, puncture resistant, leak proof containers.

  • Contaminated sharps containers should be easily accessible to employees and located as close as feasible to area where sharps are used or can reasonably be anticipated to be found.
  • The CNM Safety Office will disburse a personal sharps disposal unit to anyone on request, units may be returned to any CNM Security Office for permanent disposal.
  • Contaminated sharps containers must be kept upright and not allowed to overfill.
  • If leakage is possible, contaminated sharps containers will be placed in a closeable, appropriately labeled container constructed to contain all contents and prevent leakage
  • Sharps containers will not be opened, emptied, or cleaned by hand or in any other manner that would expose employees to risk of puncture injury.
  • Full sharps containers will be closed, the CNM Safety Office may be contacted for safe disposal.