Ergonomics Information

Many of the tasks that students or employees perform are repetitive in nature. If these tasks are not performed properly, repetitive motion injuries may result.

Repetitive motion injuries result from performing the same motion(s) over and over and can occur regardless of the task(s).

  • Use workstations, when possible, that have proper lighting, correctly arranged computer equipment and comfortable desks and chairs.
  • Use laboratory equipment that is designed to alleviate injuries from tasks that are repeated many times each day.

Organize the work area so that tasks can be performed in the most efficient manner and with the least physical strain from repetitive motion.

  • Minimize repetitive stretching, bending, or sitting in the same position for long periods.
  • Take periodic breaks to relieve stress from repetitive motions.
  • Do not attempt to perform physical tasks that are beyond your physical capabilities.

Report any tasks or situations where you believe repetitive motions may be contributing to pains you experience as the task(s) is being performed.

CNM offers ergonomics training. For information contact the Safety Office at (505) 224-4657.