Safety Audits

CNM Safety Audit Program

The primary responsibility of the CNM Safety Office Safety Audit Program is to assure every student, employee, and visitors at CNM a safe and healthful working/study environment. To accomplish this mandate the safety office employs a wide variety of programs and initiatives, one of which is the enforcement of standards through the conduct of effective inspections to determine whether CNM is:

(1) Furnishing work and study areas free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to their employees, and students.

(2) Complying with safety and health standards and regulations.

Through safety audits and other contact with students, employees and visitors, the safety office can help ensure that hazards are identified and abated. During these processes, the Safety Director will use professional judgment to adequately document hazards, as required by the policies and procedures in effect at CNM.

Self  Audit

At the request of any CNM entity, the safety office will compile a self-audit checklist, the checklist reflects criteria that will be used for Safety Office Audits. Compliance checklists will be applicable and relevant to the requesting entity only. A self-audit should be accomplished at least annually and a copy forwarded to the safety office.