What to Bring

Image of folder with files in it.

In order to have your taxes prepared at a Tax Help New Mexico location, you must have the following documents:

  • Original Social Security cards or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) for yourself, your spouse and your dependents or anyone else on your return
  • Tax payer(s) must have a photo ID (driver license, state issued ID, passport, military ID, tribal ID) 
  • Birth dates for all persons listed on the return
  • Married filing joint: both spouses must be present with proper documentation to complete tax return 


In addition to the documents listed above, you must bring any of the following documents that are applicable to your situation:

  • Form 1095-A (From Marketplace invoice)
  • All W-2 Forms
  • All W-2G Forms (Gambling)
  • All 1099 Forms (Miscellaneous, Interest, Dividends, etc.)
  • All 1098 Forms (Mortgage and Tuition Statements)
  • All K-1 Forms
  • Prior year tax return
  • Statement from your daycare provider with the amount paid, address and tax number if claiming child and dependent care expenses.  If you may be eligible for the state daycare credit, you will need to bring a NM PIT CG from your daycare provider.
  • List and total of all itemized deductible expenses such as medical expenses, charitable deductions, real estate taxes, etc.
  • List and total of all business expenses, including mileage records, if you are self-employed. Also bring amounts paid for gross receipts taxes.
  • SSA-1099 Social Security benefits statement
  • If you are required to repay the first time homebuyer credit, a record of the amount of the credit you received
  • If you purchased a home in the last year, bring your closing documents 
  • Records of all other income received
  • If you would like your refund deposited directly into a bank account, bring your bank's routing number and your account number
  • If you sold stock we would need purchase date, how much was it purchased for, date sold, how much it was sold for, records of any fees paid
  • If you had college educational expenses, bring book and tuition costs. 
  • All other tax-related documents