Virtual Writing Center

Submit papers to get feedback from English tutors via email.

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Get Feedback on Your Paper!

Read the instructions on how to submit a paper and receive feedback with the Virtual Writing Center.

What is VWC?

The Virtual Writing Center is an asynchronous form of tutoring which allows students to receive feedback on Academic essays by submitting them to tutors via email. The Virtual Writing Center is a helpful resource for students who do not have the ability to see a tutor in person or by virtual appointment, but would still like feedback from an experienced writing tutor.

Students may submit:

  • Academic papers, such as essays, research papers, or annotated bibliographies
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Professional/Academic correspondences
  • Letters of Intent
  • General questions regarding the writing process
  • General questions regarding grammatical/mechanical rules

What kind of feedback can I expect?

  • Explanations of grammar and mechanical rules
  • Identification of recurring errors in grammar/mechanics within the content of your submitted paper
  • Explanation of essay structure and format
  • Assistance organizing your paper
  • Overall feedback regarding continuity and effectiveness
  • An answer to any specific questions regarding your paper
  • Positive feedback and suggestions for improvements
  • Reference to resources such as the OWL Purdue and the Khan Academy

Tutors will not edit/proofread your paper, complete ‘peer review’ assignments, correct all mistakes, or help with quizzes or exams.

When can I expect to get a response back?

On Monday-Friday, we strive to reply within 48 hours. Papers submitted after 2pm on Friday, may not be reviewed until the following Monday, depending on tutor availability.

Is there a limit on submissions?

You may submit as many separate papers as you wish. Please send only one paper per email submission. Please do not submit multiple copies of the same paper. If multiple copies are received, only one will be forwarded to a tutor and the rest will be deleted.

Can I submit revisions?

Yes. Revisions can be sent directly to the original tutor by simply replying to the email or can be sent in a new email for a different perspective. Please, include the name of the tutor you originally worked with and a description of the changes you made, so that we know your submission is a revision.