South Valley Campus Faculty Resources

In addition to the campus-specific information below, each academic school sends general guidelines to its faculty at the beginning of each term.

Frequently Called Numbers

Faculty Office Front Desk
(505) 224-5000

Security Dispatch
(505) 224-3002

Emergency Dispatch
(505) 224-3001 or 911

Achievement Coach
(505) 224-5000

Audio Visual Services (AVS)
(505) 224-4000 ext. 20320

CNM Online
(505) 224-4405

Dean of Students
(505) 224-4342

Disability Resource Center
(505) 224-3259

Duplicating & Postal Center (DPC)
(505) 224-5822

ITS Help Desk
(505) 224-4357

Library Services
(505) 224-3274

(505) 224-4444

Weather Closure Hotline
(505) 224-4766

Student Services numbers can be found on the South Valley Campus page or through the department listings.

Your Faculty Office is staffed by Julie Avitia, Email:; Hazel Lieg, Email:; and Perla Maldonado, Email: of Connect Services.

Class Cancellation Procedure

  • E-mail your students advising them of the cancellation.
  • Call your academic school.
  • Contact your campus faculty office at (505) 224-5000.

For last minute cancellations—before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m.—contact Security at (505) 224-3002 and request that they post a cancellation notice on your classroom door.

Classroom Access

Non-lab classrooms are generally unlocked. Labs (including computer labs) will not be unlocked unless the instructor is present.

For access, call Security at (505) 224-3002. Security may request to see your CNM employee ID.

Classroom Change Request

To request a classroom change, submit a Classroom Change Request form.

CNM Policy Reminders

  • No food or drinks allowed in any lab.
  • Children may not accompany a parent or other adult to any classroom or lab.

For additional CNM policies, review the CNM Policies and Procedures.

Computer Labs

The Open Computer Lab is located in SV I-111 (Learning Commons).

To schedule a computer classroom, submit a Computer Lab Scheduling form at least 24 hours in advance.

Conference / Meeting Areas: To submit a reservation, please go to our Academic and Event Scheduling page.   

Copy Machine

Projects of 50 or more copies should be sent to the Duplicating & Postal Center (DPC).


  • Please demonstrate respect and professionalism toward your coworkers by keeping all shared work areas clean and clutter-free.
  • If you have access to a shared refrigerator or microwave, remember to remove old food weekly and clean up spills and splatters promptly.
  • Practice telephone etiquette when making phone calls on CNM equipment or personal cellphones by keeping your voice low.


Students may take make-up exams in the Assessment Center. Please do not allow students to use the faculty office for testing.

File Cabinets

Keys for cabinets can be requested from office staff.

Lactation Station

Ask the office staff if you or one of your students need access to a lactation (breastfeeding) station.


  • Mailboxes are sorted by academic school.
  • Mail is picked up/delivered daily.

Safety & Security

Uniformed security officers are always present on campus during work and class hours and will respond quickly to any situation by calling Dispatch at (505) 224-3002. If it is an emergency, call (505) 224-3001 or 911.

  • Evacuation routes and assembly points are posted in each classroom.
  • Training is available on the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), which are located in all CNM classroom buildings.
  • Anytime you hear the fire alarm, evacuate your whole class to the assembly point. Bring a paper copy of your class roll to the assembly point to double-check that all your students are accounted for.

Faculty must escort students into and out of the back office and remain with them at all times.  You may also meet with students in SV-I-101C or SV-I-103.  Front office staff can let you into meeting rooms during regular business hours, and security can let you in after hours.


Personal voice mailboxes are assigned to instructors by their respective academic schools.