Blackboard Learn Access Extended

January 23, 2014 -- Starting this Spring 2014, Blackboard Learn will be left open for four days after the official end of the term date as identified in Banner. This change addresses student and faculty concerns about access after classes have ended and responds to a survey of Distance Learning faculty who overwhelmingly support this change.
July 16, 2015

The change applies to any way faculty members use Blackboard Learn -- enhancement, hybrid, blended or solely online -- of any length or part of the term. For example, a section that meets for the first four weeks in the Fall Term will have access to Blackboard Learn extended for four days past the course grade deadline for that length of term. It will remain accessible for slightly less than five weeks. A four-day extension was chosen because at least two work days will be available for CNM support personnel to help if students have problems with access. With modifications coming to the academic calendar and with the probability of more intercession and other shorter term courses, final grades might end up being due on a Thursday or Friday, backing up against a weekend when CNM personnel are not available.

The sole purpose for this change is to allow CNM students access to Blackboard Learn in order to check or review results and feedback for exams and assignments, to review responses to postings, and to review other class activities or experiences occurring at or near the end of any given term. This extension will also minimize the need for instructors using Blackboard Learn to provide this information external to the Blackboard Learn environment, i.e., via email or phone, or in person.

 This change does not extend the length of any term to allow students more time to complete courses which use Blackboard Learn. However, to avoid unallowable late submissions, faculty who use Blackboard Learn should set deadlines on assignments and activities in order to block attempted submissions and postings after the last scheduled day of a term and should include this information in their section syllabi to prevent late submissions.