Creative Poems About What It's Like to Teach Remotely

Haikus from participants in the New Faculty Institute

Sep 08, 2021

Each year, the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning conducts New Faculty Institute (NFI), a year-long on-boarding program for new faculty. The 2020-21 NFI cohort wrote a series of Haikus that captured what it was like to teach their first year as full-time or part-time faculty at CNM, all remotely and during the pandemic.

We hope you enjoy!

Eye opening, YES
Relax, Engage, Evolving
We will all grow more

just hired, delight!
home at work, Zoom on my right
learning day and night

Teaching is my gift
Learning to be Faculty
Is now my passion

it was challenging
making connections online
but we made it work

Pandemic life strife
No in-person classes yet
Cannot wait ‘til then

Why no pants? you ask
I have the way, not the will
I'm half visible

Back on campus now
Don't forget to wear your mask
Covid needs to end