Employee Memorial Rededicated

May 8, 2013 -- CNM President Kathie Winograd talked about the legacy of CNM employees during a rededication ceremony of the new employee memorial on Wednesday, when about 40 colleagues and family members of late CNM employees joined on the north lawn of the Main Campus Student Resource Center.

Jul 17, 2015


President Winograd, visibly moved by the rededication, told the audience that the “beautiful memorial celebrates the employees who left us way too early.” She noted that, “Our employees are the heart of this community and certainly the college.”

The memorial honors the lives of employees whose contributions made a difference at thememorial_8.JPG college. All the names of employees who had plaques on the previous memorial have been transferred to the new memorial, and others have been added since the previous memorial was taken down. When a CNM employee passes away, they will be honored for their service at the college with the installation of their name on the memorial. If a former employee passes, their name can be sponsored and installed on the memorial.

Tom Antram, president and CEO of the French Family of Companies, expressed his support of CNM during the ceremony. The French Family ofmemorial_9.JPG Companies, which has been a strong supporter of CNM for 20 years, helped make the new employee memorial a reality.