New Distance Learning Course Copy Request Form

March 5, 2014 -- Beginning Fall 2014, Distance Learning will be implementing a new Faculty Course Copy request process .This process will be required for all faculty course copy requests; DL and web enhanced.

Jul 17, 2015

The purposes of this new process are to ensure courses are:

Right Sized: Many courses that are copied are simply too large and contain old files from older versions of WebCT, Bb CE6, or Bb CE8. DL Specialist will right-size the course and remove old remnants of code or files that are no longer used by the faculty.

Deployed using the DL Classroom: The DL Classroom is the standardized navigation template based on best practices in course design for online delivery. Literature review and research conducted by CNM faculty members Kevin Dooley, HWPS, and Brandon Morgan, CHSS, support using a standardized course template to "significantly improve students’ ability to quickly and effectively access course content between courses."

Copied correctly and only one time: Faculty will complete a short online PDF indicating which courses, what content  and what tools should be copied, and the destination course(s) to receive the copy. This will provide faculty the opportunity to review exactly what material they want copied and will ensure that the course is not copied more than once. 

For Summer 2014, faculty may choose to use the new form. For Fall 2014 the copy option for faculty will be disabled and course copies will require formal requests.

This new procedure should in no way discourage instructors from developing and revising their courses. As always, each course will automatically be provided with a blank Blackboard shell, including the DL Classroom menu. This policy only applies to bulk copying of material from previously developed courses.

The new Course Copy Request form and DL Classroom research paper by Kevin Dooley and Brandon Morgan can be found here.