Values Champion Shout-Out: Kathy Steen

Each week, CNM will be recognizing staff and faculty doing exceptional work and representing CNM's Core Values— Be Caring, Be Ethical, Be Inspiring, Be Courageous, Be Connected, Be Exceptional.

Oct 14, 2021

We could have easily nominated this employee for any one of CNM's values—Caring, Connected, Courageous, Ethical, Exceptional, or Inspiring. She is all of the above.

When reading through the descriptions, Be Ethical stood out because it highlights the ability to follow through on commitments and keep promises. Her willingness to jump into the Hyperspace Challenge program has allowed CNM Ingenuity to follow through on a contractual promise without missing a beat.

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) contracts with CNM to deliver the Hyperspace Challenge program. Our colleague was hired to serve in one role with Hyperspace but that quickly changed before her first day when our Program Director resigned to relocate. As a result, she was asked to roll up her sleeves and learn everything possible about the program. She could have easily said "that is not what I was hired to do." Instead, she helped us keep our promise. She has quickly built amazing relationships with internal and external stakeholders. She has ensured we can and will deliver on our promise of a fantastic 2021 Hyperspace Challenge program. We know it has been an incredible amount of extra time and effort on her part.

We honestly do not know what CNM Ingenuity would have done without her this year. She is such a joy to work with. She is incredibly smart, creative, and an ideal team player. Thank you! We are so glad you are here.

Nominated by Mary Gallivan and TJ Cook, today’s Values Shout Out for the Value of Be Ethical goes to CNM Ingenuity's Kathy Steen.