Values Champion Shout-Outs: Gerrie Becker and Kelly Ozment

Each week, CNM will be recognizing staff and faculty doing exceptional work and representing CNM's Core Values— Be Caring, Be Ethical, Be Inspiring, Be Courageous, Be Connected, Be Exceptional.
Values Champion Shout-Outs: Gerrie Becker and Kelly Ozment

Apr 15, 2021

This nomination for the CNM Excellence Award goes to two colleagues who have stepped up in ways few of us could have imagined.  They have demonstrated our values of being exceptional and being connected in superb ways.

As many of you know, the Collaborative for Higher Education Shared Services (CHESS) project is continuing to make real progress. More than 100 faculty and staff have participated in the evaluation process of responses to our request for proposals.  We are much closer to dramatically transforming the student experience and improving our administrative processes because of everyone's work.  However, two individuals from CNM have really stood out as being exceptional throughout this project.

The college presidents and many staff members from our partner institutions have touted the efforts of Gerrie Becker, our chief procurement officer, and Kelly Ozment, our Sharepoint Applications Support Analyst, for their exceptional work and service.   

All of the presidents recognize the important milestones we've reached–despite the pandemic. We couldn't have reached this point without Gerrie's and Kelly's constant support, presence, and diligence. Your significant contributions will help students at all five of our colleges receive the best, most efficient, and highest quality education and services possible.

With much appreciation from all the CHESS presidents--congratulations to you both for your exceptional work and service.