Welcome New Employees to CNM

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Welcome New Employees to CNM

Oct 07, 2021

Francisco Aceves—PT instructor—Business Information Technology

Emily Acheson-Adams—Lab Suprv—Communication Humanities SocSci

Jessica Alcon-Romero—PT instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Linda Baker-- PT INSTRUCTOR-- Health Wellness Public Safety

Adam Ball-- INST TECH—Applied Technologies

Mary Bliss—PT Instructor—Communications Humanities SocSci

Kerly Bongon-Tweeten--  Contact CNTR Info Spec ii—Contact Center

Robert Chavez—Contact CNTR Info Spec—Contact Center

Dolores Cox—Pt Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Richard Darby—PT Instructor—Business Information Technology

Desiree DeLeon—Pt Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Michelle Gallegos—Acad Coach—Ingenuity Support- instruction

Tania Gonzalez—Contact Center Info Spec—CNM Connect- MDC Consulting Agreement

Avelina Gutierrez—AR Tech—Business Office

Jacob Gutierrez—PT Instructor—Applied Technologies

Noemi Gutierrez—ES Supvr—Enrollment Services

Jessica Hardie—PT Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Nyla Harper—PT Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Anna Herrera—PT Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Lauren Hyde—Dir DEVT—Development Office

Mary Larussa—Pt Instructor—Math Science and Engineering

Christopher Leurig—PT instructor—Business Information Technology

Suzanne Maestas—Compliance Coordinator—Health Wellness Public Safety

Monica Marquez—CDL Examiner—Ingenuity Support-Instruction

Kandis Martinez—ITS PJM—Information Technology Services

Mitch Marty—Assoc INST Consultant—CNM Online Academic Support

Danielle McAllister—PT Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety

Helen McDonald—PT Instructor—Communication Humanities SocSci

Mia Mendoza-- SR PGM-Ingenuity Support Instruction

Charlie Mitchell—Contact Center Info Spec—Contact Center

Morgan Montanez—PT Instructor—Communication Humanities SocSci

Vanessa Montoya—ACCT—Business Office

Adrianne Muniz—Contact Center Info Spec—Contact Center

Marlon Peseke—SR BC Asst—Ingenuity Support Instruction

Anthony Rael—OPS MGR—Physical Plant

Raoul Ramirez Flores—Maint 1—Physical Plant

Jamie Schwebach—PT Instructor—Business Information Technology

Matthew Simonds—Pt Instructor—Business Information Technology

Karen Sorensen Unruh—FT Instructor 2-term—Math Science and Engineering

Mark Tyndall—DIR Benefits—Human Resources

Robert Williams—SR OPS MGR—Information Technology Services

Dakota Wood—PT Instructor—Applied Technologies

Jenessa Wright—PT Instructor—Health Wellness Public Safety