Advanced Manufacturing Skill Gap Survey

What Is Your Industry Type?  

What Is Your Level Of Automation?  

Do You Have The Following Occupations?  
Do You Have Vacancies At Your Facility?  

How Long Have The Vacancies Been Open?  

What Is The Percentage Of Women, Under-Represented And Disabled Groups Working At Your Facility?  

Select The Components That You Think Provide The Best Workforce Recruiting Programs. You May Select More Than One.  
What Is The Annual Turnover Rate At Your Facility?  

Do You Require Basic Math Skills For Your Technicians?  

Do You Require Basic Soft Skills For Your Employees?  

Do You Work With Local Community Colleges/Universities To Improve Your Recruiting Efforts?  

Do You Currently Receive Support From State/Local Organizations For Training/Recruiting Your Employees  

Did You Make Any Upgrades/Automation at Your Facility in The Last 5 Years?  

How Has Your Advanced Manufacturing Investment Improved Overall Performance?  

Are You Planning Any Future Equipment Upgrades/Automation?  

Do You Have The Workforce Skills Needed For Future Upgrades?  

What is the Driving Need for Your Company to Make Advanced Manufacturing Improvements?  

What Is Your Company’s Planned Expenditure Toward Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities In The Next 5–10 Years?  

What Are Reasons For Your Company Not Making Improvements? You May Select More Than One Answer.