This program gives employers the opportunity to give students credit for on-the-job learning experiences related to their program of study.

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Job/Internship Submission Form


  1. Employers/supervisors cannot be related to the student.
  2. The employer/supervisor agrees to provide the student with a new learning situation that will allow the student to complete at least 135 hours towards new learning objectives within the current semester. If the student has just been hired, most, if not all, experiences should be considered new.
  3. The employer/supervisor must work with the student to develop specific, measurable learning objectives that are new for the student and related to their program of studies.
    • If this is new employment, all of the experiences should qualify.
    • If the student has been working for the organization for more than 6 months, care must be exercised to set new objectives (that will encompass at least 135 hours) that the student is not currently performing.
    • Objectives must be incorporated into the Training Agreement, which must be signed by the student and the employer and submitted by the student to the CNM instructor of record for final approval before the student can register for the class.
  1. The student must submit employer/supervisor signed bi-weekly time reports accounting for the experiential learning hours to the CNM Instructor of Record.
    • If this is new employment, all of the hours should qualify.
    • If the student has been working for the organization for more than 6 months, only those hours related to the new objectives should be recorded on the experiential learning time log.
    • All hours towards this experiential learning situation must be completed at least one week prior to the end of the Business & Information Technology Division semester end date.
    • If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a few of the hours cannot be completed by this time, the student, with approval from their employer/supervisor, may submit a written request for an extension of time from the CNM instructor of record. The request for an extension must contain a plan of how and by when the hours will be completed. This is a last resort and will only be approved in extreme circumstances.
  1. Within the first two weeks of the semester or the first two weeks of this experience (whichever is later) the student must schedule a meeting between the employer/supervisor, the CNM instructor of record and the student.
    • The meeting must take place at the business location and the student is responsible for scheduling the meeting.
  1. After the completion of the learning experience (135 hours minimum), the employer/supervisor agrees to complete the Experiential Learning Evaluation of the student
  2. Assign the student a grade for the experiential learning assignment. Review the evaluation and grade with the student
  3. Submit the evaluation and grade to the instructor of record via mail, fax (224-3850) or face to face. Discuss/confirm the results of the evaluation and grade with the CNM instructor of record.

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Student Grade Calculations

Identification of training objectives & submission of paperwork 5%
Coordination of site visit within first two weeks 5%
Timely submission of attendance logs (bi-weekly) 5%
Employer’s evaluation/grade 75%
Student reflection paper or project (see student expectations) 10%
TOTAL 100%