Student Expectations

This program gives students the opportunity to receive credit for new on-the-job learning experiences related to your program of studies. They may be either paid or unpaid. If paid, they are called Cooperative Education; if unpaid, Internships.

Carla Love – Academic Affairs Director


Phone: (505) 224-4000 x53493

Qualifications for an experiential learning opportunity

  • Job position must involve at least 135 hours of new program related learning objectives to be completed within the semester
  • Failure to complete at least 135 hours will result in an "F" for the course. All hours towards this experiential learning situation must be completed at least one week prior to the end of the Business & Information Technology Division semester end date.

Here are some steps to get you on your way!

  1. Complete your “Hire a Suncat” profile with Job Connection Services Center

         Note:  Click on “Connect 2 Jobs” to complete your profile. 

  1. Complete and submit an electronic copy of your resume to the
  1. Explore leads obtained through newspapers, friends and acquaintances. If you find something let the BIT office know by email.
  2. Meet with a Career Center Advisor at Job Connection Services (Main Campus/ SSC 108) to explore internship and employment opportunities through their resources. Although these will not specifically be cooperative education positions, if the employer is willing to evaluate you, you may be able to use these positions to receive approval to register for the class.

Please note: leads do not guarantee your placement.

Once you have a position that you think will qualify for experiential learning – Please contact the BIT Internship Office by email.

Include the following in your email

  1. Experiential Learning Application – Complete this form. If this is an unpaid position, check Internship, if paid, check Cooperative Education. (This application will be reviewed to determine if it appears that at least 135 hours will be able to be completed during the semester towards the learning objectives specified in the Training Agreement.)
  2. Training Agreement – This form is completed by you and your supervisor and approved by the Instructor of Record as the CNM representative. The objectives portion of this agreement should clearly outline specific, measurable new program related learning objectives that you will be accomplishing during the semester. If you are requesting approval with a company for which you have worked more than 6 months, you are expected to provide documentation from your employer/supervisor that the learning objectives you set are NEW learning experiences and/or clearly measurable improvements. Examples of learning objectives can be accessed under Grading Requirements.
  3. Schedule a Site Visit – Within the first two weeks of the semester or the first two weeks of this experience (whichever is later) the student must schedule a meeting between the employer/supervisor, the CNM instructor of record and the student. The BIT Office can help

Steps for Registration

  • Permission to register is granted electronically and you will be notified via e-mail or phone of the CRN# of the class for which you can register.
  • You are responsible for registering for this class on your own.
  • You can start counting the hours you work towards the 135-hour requirement at the beginning of the semester or the date you register, whichever is later. If you do not schedule a site visit within the first two weeks, hours worked before the site visit will not qualify toward your 135 hours.

Grading Calculations

Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Identification of Cooperative Education & Internship objectives and submission of paperwork


Coordination of site visit within first two weeks (loss of 2% for each week site visit is late, also, hours worked prior to site visit may be counted only if site visit is within the 2 week period)


Timely submission of bi-weekly attendance logs (loss of 1% of 5% for each late submission)


Employer's Evaluation /grade


Student reflection paper or project (grading requirements )




Additional information/assistance with regard to each grading requirement listed above can be found here.