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Smokey Daniels Events: Wed, April 4

4-6 p.m. — Workshop

Smokey Daniels

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Workshop is limited to 36 students. RSVP to reserve your workshop seat.

Smith Brasher Hall (SB)
Room 103

The Curious Classroom: Building Knowledge with Student- Directed Inquiry In America’s classrooms, curiosity, passion, and student choice are making a welcome comeback. Inquiry circles and other project teaching approaches are spreading at all grade levels. But teachers wonder: How do I find time for this? What are some manageable pathways toward a more student-centered classroom? In this practical, hands-on session, Smokey will demonstrate specific inquiry structures that engage kids, honor their curricular and personal questions, and support them to put their thinking to work, in and beyond school.

7-8 p.m. — Presentation

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Smith Brasher Hall (SB)
Auditorium, Room 101

Improving Reading Comprehension with Engaging Images What are you teaching next week/year? Whatever the topic, there is a universe of fantastic images you can use to begin, drive, expand, and conclude a unit – while keeping kids in the driver’s seat. But the close reading of images requires much more than occasionally throwing cool pictures or artworks up on your classroom screen. There’s a subtle art to selecting, preparing, and presenting curricular images that genuinely amplify your content -- and planning for student interaction around them. Come and try out six key strategies – and go home with images for your own classroom.