SIM CATe Academy

Training and Instructional Resources for CNM Students.

Welcome to the SIM CATe Academy

On this page you will find "how-to" guides and instructional resources for the simulation center.

LearningSpace System:

LearningSpace is CNM's video capture and management system for simulation lab areas.  Here you will find instructions on how to use the system.

Video 1: Introduction covers what the system is, what we use it for and the hardware and software requirements needed to use the system. (5 Minutes)

Video 2: This video is for student and faculty users of LearningSpace.  This video provides instruction on how to find the system on the web and log-in instructions. (4 Minutes)

Video 3: This video covers how to navigate and access video recordings in the LearningSpace system.  In addition, this video covers video playback controls. (9 Minutes)

LearningSpace Troubleshooting Guide:

This troubleshooting guide will help you solve the most common issues when using the LearningSpace System.

Manikin Videos:

These videos will demonstrate how to obtain vital signs off the manikins and how to use the virtual monitors in the simulation center.

This video covers the most commonly used features of SimMan 3G and tips on how to obtain vital signs off the manikin.