Course Repeat Override Request Form

Course Repeat Policy

CNM policy states that you may attempt the same course two (2) times without restriction. Each appearance of a course on your transcript constitutes an attempt. If you try to register a third or fourth time for the same course, you will be blocked from registration for that course and must appeal to the academic school in which the course is offered. CNM does not permit you to enroll in a course more than four times.

Why Do We Have This Policy?

We want to provide the assistance that will enable you to succeed in courses by connecting you to valuable resources as well as addressing any personal or academic challenges that may be affecting your success. Completing this form, as the first step to registering for a course a third or fourth time, will provide you with information about some of the resources available to you at CNM.

Spring 2022 Course Repeat Deadline

The window to request a course repeat for Spring 2022 begins October 11, 2021.

Basic Information

To view your attempt record for a course, visit myCNM. Click on the Graduation tab. There is a "Degree Works" link in the middle of the page.

Once Degree Works opens, click on "Class History". This will show a list of all courses you have attempted. You can count the number of times the course requiring a repeat override is listed.

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Academic Standing and GPA

Common Challenges

The most common personal and academic challenges students face include:

  • Background knowledge
  • Poor time management
  • Insufficient note-taking and study skills
  • Test anxiety
  • Personal challenges outside of school
  • Readiness for the class

In the next 6 sections, you will assess which of these challenges might be relevant to you.

Background Knowledge

  1. When you took the class previously, did it feel like the instructor expected you to know concepts that you did not know?  
  2. Do you feel confident in your background knowledge for this class?  

If you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, your comfort level with the knowledge may be a factor in your success. Consider the following strategies:

  1. Retake the prerequisite course to refresh your knowledge of the material.
    (This may require an override from an achievement coach.)
  2. Study the prerequisite material on your own before retaking the class.
  3. Utilize CNM's tutoring services during the class.
  4. Visit the instructor during office hours during the term.
Do you think that gaps in your background knowledge affected your performance in your previous attempts at this class?  

Time Management

  1. Is studying on a daily basis a challenge? Do you find yourself procrastinating or coming to the end of the day rushing to get assignments done or not getting them done?
  2. Do you have a hard time completing large assignments, getting distracted or running out of time?
  3. Do you have trouble finding time to study because of other commitments such as work or family activities?
  4. Do you feel that some classes require more homework than you have time to do?
    (For example, did you know that the average math or science class requires 10 - 20 hours of homework a week for most students?)

If you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, you may benefit from better time management. Consider working with an Achievement Coach to create a realistic study schedule for the classes you are taking.

Do you think that time management affected your performance in your previous attempts at this class?  

Note-Taking and General Study Skills

  1. Do you feel the notes you take are adequate and would give you the needed information to study and pass this or any other classes?
  2. Do you have techniques for remembering content that must be memorized?
  3. Do you feel that you prepare for tests effectively?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you might be able to improve you study skills by meeting with an Achievement Coach who specializes in coaching students on study skills and note-taking.

Do you think note-taking or general study skills affected your performance in your previous attempts of this class?  

Test Anxiety

  1. When taking tests or quizzes, do you experience anxiety that affects your performance?
  2. After leaving the test environment or when the test is returned, do you wonder why you chose an incorrect answer when you knew the correct one?
  3. Do you change or second guess your answers? Do you get the answers incorrect when you do this?
  4. Do you go blank or become so overwhelmed that you have trouble thinking through questions to come up with the answers?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might be experiencing test anxiety. Consider one of the following strategies meeting with an Achievement Coach who specializes in coaching students with test anxiety.

Do you think test anxiety affected your performance in your previous attempts at this class?  

Personal Challenges

Personal challenges include work scheduling conflicts, childcare, housing, bills, transportation or relationships.

CNM Achievement Coaches can help you connect with community resources for a variety of issues. They can also help you develop strategies for balancing school work with life challenges.

Do you think personal challenges outside of school affected your performance in your previous attempts at this class?  

Will you be using any Disability Resource Center services this term?  

Assess Your Readiness

Assess your readiness to repeat the course(s):

  1. Have you identified the challenges that you faced previously? Have you addressed each of them?  
  2. Have you identified new challenges you might face this semester? Are you confident you can overcome them?
  3. Have you identified the strengths that you used in the past to accomplish similar challenges? Will you be able to draw on the same strengths this term?

If this is your fourth attempt:

  1. Are you aware that this is your last chance to take this class at CNM? Will your schedule this semester, (including school, work, and family), allow you to give this class priority?
Have you taken all of the steps necessary to be ready to be successful in this class in the upcoming term?