Alternative Licensure Application - Part 2: Secondary Education Transcript Analysis Form

Alternative Teacher Licensure applicants pursuing Secondary Education are required to fill out this form as part of the online application. Applicants pursuing Early Childhood, Elementary and/or Special Education should fill out the Elementary and Special Education Transcript Analysis Form.

All applications are also required to complete the Alternative Teacher Licensure Application Form - Part 1.


The Transcript Analysis Form must be completed to the best of your abilities and submitted for all licensure pathways you are applying for.??

Any coursework noted on this form must have been completed with a final grade of "C" or better and must be supported by official transcripts on file with our CNM Records team.

View Endorsement Areas for a list of typically accepted coursework for each content area to fill out the fields below.

For each field below, please list the course number/title, the number of credits, and school. If you are missing a course in a particular area, write "did not take." Example: Math 145 Statistics/3 credits/UNM.
Signature   Click "I agree" to indicate you have completed this form honestly and to the best of your abilities.


Please email with application questions.