Getting Ready for Your First Day at CNM

You've applied, you've checked out financial aid, you've met with an advisor and registered for classes. What's next?

Map of locations of campuses in Albuquerque.

Find Your Classrooms

Before day one:

  • Make sure you know which campus or campuses your classes are on. CNM has seven sites in central New Mexico.
  • Figure out which buildings your classes are in.

Helpful Links

Be Prepared

Student ID Card

You'll need a student ID card to use library services, tutoring or computer labs. You can get your ID at the Student Activities Office.


You must register your vehicle to park on any CNM campus, even where the parking is free. Plan to arrive early because parking spaces can be hard to find.


You can't be a college student without college textbooks. Get them at the CNM Bookstores, online from the bookstore website or find them where you can, but find the right ones, find them early and plan to work them hard.

CNM Libraries

Great places to study, with helpful staff, tons of books and loads of essential resources, your CNM libraries are equipped to help you learn in comfort and style.

CNM Brightspace

A virtual learning environment and learning management system. Brightspace is interactive, colorful and learner-oriented.

Computer Labs

Use your CNM student account to login at any of CNM's 14 Open Computer Labs and put a full-access desktop computer to work for you.

What does that mean?

A Glossary of terms for CNM.