Advising and Coaching

Learn how CNM's Academic Coaches, School Advisors, and Achievement Coaches can help you—whether you are a new student, preparing to graduate, or anything in-between.

While there are key differences between our Academic Coaches, School Advisors, and Achievement Coaches, all three roles work collaboratively to support student success.

Review the descriptions below to learn more and find out how to get connected.

Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches serve as an important point of contact for students who are new to CNM or still in the beginning phase of their program. Academic Coaches work to help you navigate towards your education goal by providing course advisement across all subject areas, whether you are simply interested in a single class or looking to earn your associate's degree. Your Academic Coach will partner with you to help you identify your strengths and skills to create an individualized plan of action to remove any barriers that might come up along the way.

To speak with an Academic Coach, contact Connect Services at or call (505) 224-3000 to set up an appointment.

School Advisors

School Advisors provide tailored advisement services based on a student's specific program of study. Their mission is to keep you on track, ensuring you have all of the necessary credits to earn your degree or certificate. From designing custom course plans to answering questions about registration, pre-requisites, co-requisites and more, School Advisors have the expertise needed to help you succeed at CNM and reach your academic goals.

School Advisors are specific to the academic school in which a student belongs. To find out more, contact your academic school.

Achievement Coaches

Achievement Coaches work collaboratively with students to set goals, problem-solve, and overcome barriers in their education. No matter what type of academic and/or personal challenges you might be facing, your Achievement Coach wants to help you succeed. Common reasons to see an Achievement Coach include: strategies for academic success, study tips and test-taking advice, career exploration, and to obtain ideas for community resources such as food banks, child care, domestic violence support, and counseling services.

Achievement Coaches are specific to the academic school in which a student belongs. To find out more, see our Achievement Coaches web page.