Achievement Coaches

Achievement Coaches are advocates dedicated to supporting your success at CNM. We can help you problem solve to overcome academic and personal barriers, and use your strengths to reach your educational and career goals.

To meet with an Achievement Coach, contact the Achievement Coach for your academic school or on your campus directly.

Contact an Achievement Coach

How We Can Help

Achievement Coaches are ready to help whenever you have an obstacle that prevents you from being successful in your class. If you are a student who is experiencing excessive absences, failing a class, repeating a class, or thinking about dropping a class, we want to help you get back on track.

Some of the ways we can provide assistance include:

  • academic coaching and intervention;
  • program and course information;
  • time management and study skills;
  • balancing school and other responsibilities;
  • career planning and job readiness;
  • basic financial aid questions and scholarship information, including emergency scholarships.

If we are not able to help directly from our office, we will connect you to the campus or community resource that can. The CNM Connect-developed directory of resources used by Achievement Coaches includes child care, health services, food and many other local resources.

Faculty Referrals

Faculty members may refer students to an Achievement Coach in several different ways. One way is to give the student the Achievement Coach's contact information and have them contact us. Some faculty members will email or call the Achievement Coach and ask us to follow up with the student. Other faculty members may walk the student over to the Achievement Coach's office. Feel free to use which ever method is easiest for you.

Additional Services

Kick Start Workshops

Improve your academic skills by viewing our online Kick Start workshops. Topics include time management, test anxiety, learning strategies, note taking, study skills and more!

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