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Achievement Coaching Page for Adult and General Education

Adult and General Education

Adult Basic Education Coach (GED and ESL Classes)
Rebecca Martinez
Phone: (505) 224-4270
Office: Main Campus, SSC 110

Academic Coach (FYEX, Courses below 1000: ESOL, MATH, Integrated Reading and Writing)
Colby Lein

Phone: (505) 224-4000 x 53248
Office: Main Campus, SSC 205 

Achievement Coaching Page for Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies

Roderigo Padilla
Phone: (505) 224-3185
Office: Main Campus, TC 102

Achievement Coaching Page for Business & Information Technology

Business & Information Technology

Yvonne Salazar
Phone: (505) 224-3811
Office: Main Campus SB 201

Mark Jácome Salazar
Phone: (505) 224-3000 ext. 53648
Office: Montoya Campus, G Building Room 201 A

Achievement Coaching Page for Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

Ruby Encinias
Phone: (505) 224-3588
Office: Main Campus SSC 204

Learn about the Disability Resource Center.

Disability Resource Center

Shannon O’Keefe
Phone: (505) 224-3259
Office: Main Campus SSC 209

Stephen Sanchez
Phone: (505) 224-3259
Office: Main Campus SSC 209

Achievement Coaching Page for CNM Online.

CNM Online

Audrey Brown
Phone: (505) 224-4000 ext. 54274
Office: Main Campus, SB 201

Achievement Coaching Page for Health, Wellness & Public Safety

Health, Wellness & Public Safety

Nicole Purkeypile
Phone: (505) 224-4111
Office: Main Campus JS 402

Achievement Coaching for Math, Science & Engineering

Math, Science & Engineering

Sharon Ipes
Phone: (505) 224-3568
Office; Main Campus SB 201

Learn about TRIO.


Rob Carriaga
Phone: (505) 224-4377
Office: Main Campus SSC 110

Jimi Sanchez
Phone: (505) 224-4000 ext: 52947
Office: JMMC TW 101C